Tempest Man


EP - Fig. I



21/07/16 Lu99 Leipzig
22/05/16 Kling Festival Mansbach w/ Fooks Nihil, One love Crew, uvm.
more Dates coming soon

past shows

27/05/16 Tiefgrund Berlin w/ Panjabys
22/05/16 Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden w/ The Golden Era
21/05/16 Villa Wuller Trier w/ The Golden Era
20/05/16 White's Koblenz w/ The Golden Era
19/05/16 Rösselstube Dresden
18/05/16 C Keller Weimar
16/05/16 Laden auf Zeit Leipzig
14/05/16 Astra Stube Hamburg w/ Vandemonian
13/05/16 Medusa Kiel
12/05/16 Kulturküche Bremen
11/09/15 An Sibin Darmstadt w/ KODA
08/09/15 Strandgut Erfurt w/ Panjabys
07/09/15 Palais Palett Dresden w/ Panjabys
05/09/15 Pooca bar Hamburg w/ Panjabys
04/09/15 Loophole Berlin w/ Panjabys
02/09/15 Kulturpalast Wiesbaden w/ The Hammocks
08/05/15 Elfer Frankfurt am Main w/ The Hirsch Effekt
26/03/15 Salon Theater Taunusstein
14/03/15 Gerber 3 Weimar w/ The Somnambulist
03/03/15 Schon Schön Mainz w/ Centration
10/01/15 Tiefgrund Berlin w/ The Somnambulist


Tempest Man

"A gentle transition between calmness and loudness and the other way around. Soothing electric piano and pad sounds meet guitars, bass and drums. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet but always lost in sound is how the Wiesbaden based quartet describes it's music. Influenced by a huge variety of different styles from 1970s psychedelic- and prog-rock to modern music the young lads aim to find a good balance between following footsteps, finding own pathways and melting it all together into a big pile of smoothness."

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